giovedì 21 ottobre 2010

Talent Calculator "Use In-Game" Button

Talent Calculator "Use In-Game" Button: "You can now use our Talent Calculator to apply your talents directly into the game!

All you have to do is click the Use in-game! button on the right side of the talent calc. A dialog box will pop up with a /script command in it. All you have to do is copy the script, switch to WoW, open up a chat box, paste it in and hit enter—the talent pane in game will automatically preview the talents you chose on our site!

  • Don't forget that you have to hit the "Learn" button in order to actually use the talents—our script just loads a preview!
  • This only works on characters who are currently untalented. If you have some of your talents spent already, the script gets confused.

Give it a try!

Thanks to the team at WoWTal for the inspiration!

By Malgayne on 10/19/2010 at 2:57 PM"

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