venerdì 1 ottobre 2010

Emblems to Justice Points Conversion Update

Emblems to Justice Points Conversion Update: "Another short news post, folks. Some week ago Blizzard published the planned conversion rates for the current Wrath emblem currencies to the new Cataclysm points. The post listed Emblems of Triumph and Emblems of Frost as being worth 2.75 Justice Points each. This number has been updated, as well as the 2g per Emblem if you are above the cap. The original blog has been updated to reflect those changes, and Bashiok's post on the official forums has been included below:

We’ve revised the Justice Points conversion rate for Emblems of Triumph and Emblems of Frost. When the upcoming 4.0.1 patch goes live, these emblems will be converted into 11.58 Justice Points (up from the previously planned 2.75 Justice Points per emblem). Justice Points accrued above the soft cap of 4,000 will be converted to gold at a rate of 47.5 silver per point (down from 2 gold per point) when patch 4.0.3 goes live.

The original explanation thread ( and the subsequent conversion math update ( have been updated to reflect these changes.

By ArgentSun on 09/29/2010 at 1:42 PM"

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