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4.0.1: Glyphs, Streaming and Class Changes!

4.0.1: Glyphs, Streaming and Class Changes!: "Blizzard has gone on an announcement spree! Hopefully they are trying to hint 4.0.1 is tomorrow...

The first announcement concerns the changes to glyphs in 4.0.1. As many of you all know, the Glyph system is getting a complete overhaul. Each player will have 3 different kinds of glyphs: Prime Glyphs which increase which give a direct increase to abilities (such as and ), Major Glyphs which augment spells or give them additional utility (like or ), and Minor Glyphs which provide additional convenience or cosmetic changes (like and ).

The next announcement is about the new Streaming Launcher. You'll notice that in the new launcher you will see a bar which changes colours. While the bar is red the game is downloading core game files and you won't be able to play just yet. Yellow means you can play but there will be a lot of downloading while playing, and game play will not be fast. Green means good to go and you should be able to play with very little downloading. Streaming is completely optional and if you wish you can just let the client download everything before playing.

The final announcement is about all the Class Mechanic changes we will see in 4.0.1. Ranging from Death Knight's new dedicated tanking tree to Balance Druid's new Eclipse bar, and even the Warlock's new system.

You can read all this and more in the original announcements after the break!

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