martedì 31 agosto 2010

Fingers' taps in bg

I recently hit 80 with my 1st Ally.
Well, Gloome is not exactly my 1st Ally, but she's the first one I hit 80 with.
I'm overall a pvper, so the first thing I did was joining a random battleground. We won it! It was pretty cool to start like that, overall because in the battlegroup I am with my Horde chars, people are always too busy talking about how much stronger the allys are, to achieve some victories.
Actually the bgs I do with my friends (not really pre-mades, just a few of us focused on winning) are the only ones I fell confident in.
With my new Ally spriest 80, instead, I won the first five or six bgs I joined. Untill...
Untill There were someone complaining about how much stronger Horde is in pvp, and shouting offenses instead of orders. Guess what? We lost.
So I'd like to tell these people, waisting their fingers'taps on offences instead of spells, that if they always lose, it's their fault, ecause they are not doing their job, so just shut up and focus.
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venerdì 27 agosto 2010

Azeroth, Revisited: Stratholme in Cataclysm

Azeroth, Revisited: Stratholme in Cataclysm: "Once again, we're going to dive into the beta and take a look at one of my personal favorite dungeons from classic—.

Now if you don't remember anything about Stratholme, here's a quick rundown: Stratholme was originally one of the largest human cities in the world. During the events in Warcraft 3 (as we witnessed in The Culling of Stratholme), Prince Arthas finds out the plague has spread to the city and orders it purged. Later on the Undead took control of Stratholme and Kel'Thuzad established it as his capital and built the floating fortress Naxxramas above it.

Overall the dungeon has not changed much physically, but there is now a new wall splitting it literally into two instances. They have changed the level range for each side, levels 42-52 for the Main Gate and 46-56 for the Service Entrance.


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By fewyn on 08/25/2010 at 8:56 PM"

domenica 22 agosto 2010

Cataclysm: Cooking

Cataclysm: Cooking: "

Thanks to Kaliope and Ladik, we now have information about likely new cooked fish dishes and buffs, (even cooking skill). Only the recipes are confirmed – I have guessed which ingredients will be caught. Beta also added a +100 Feathered Lure (which is cooked) and an intriguing Not Yet Implemented Fishing Spear – “Use: Hurls your spear at a fish.” Complete cataclysm information.


Cataclysm New Feature: Level Sync?

Cataclysm New Feature: Level Sync?: "The Escapist recently did an interview with Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street, where they talk Blizzard's plans and ideas behind Cataclysm. One part that really stood out was Ghostcrawler mentioning a new system being put in place that will allow high level characters to decrease their level to help out low level characters.

This sound familiar to anyone? Anyone who has ever played Final Fantasy XI may remember this as Level Sync, and City of Heroes players may remember this as their "Mentoring System". Ghostcrawler does mention that this may happen eventually, so no getting your hopes up if it doesn't come true!

Cataclysm may also eventually include a system that allows players to scale down their character's level in order to help newer players. The heirloom items unveiled in Wrath of the Lich King already scale with a character's level, so adjusting them to suit a downgraded character is already part of the design. Cataclysm will go one step further and replace individually purchased spell ranks with a scaleable system that allows a single ability to grow along with a character. Scaling down levels probably won't be possible when Cataclysm is released, but it's a feature that will be coming eventually and should help players of differing levels adventure together more easily.

What do you think? Step in the right direction, or waste of time?

By fewyn on 08/20/2010 at 1:48 PM"

domenica 15 agosto 2010

Cataclysm Beta (Build 12759) UI Changes!

Cataclysm Beta (Build 12759) UI Changes!: "A new beta build has just been deployed on the beta realms and with it came some excellent changes to the UI that I think everyone will enjoy.

First off Mounts and Companion Pets have moved out of the character pane and into their own tabs in the spell book. This allows a player to easily browse through the pages looking for the right mount or pets to add to your bars instead of guessing if that's the right icon for your Onyx Netherwing Drake.

There was one other things that got a much needed overhaul was the Video Settings window. Now all the sliders have been removed and turned into drop downs, this way you no longer have to guess what each section of the sliding bar. All settings have different options ranging from the standard fare of Low, Fair, Good, High and Ultra to simple Enabled or Disabled options.

Another small addition is you're now able to "learn" Glyphs and they show up in your general tab of your spellbook. You will automatically learn a glyph upon purchasing and using the glyph item. Now, whenever you want to change glyphs you will no longer have to run out and buy new ones and can just apply them directly from the spellbook.

Blizzard also added a tweak for the new streaming client that was launched last week, a little gauge was added below the mini-map that tells you if you're still downloading data if you decided to play before the game was fully downloaded.

Click to view in full resolution!

Holy Power Gauge

Blizzard also updated the UI for the Paladin's new Holy Power system. The unit frame now features a gauge below the health / mana bars that lights up runes for each charge of Holy Power that the paladin has. When the Holy Power has reached its maximum (3), the meter will glow until charges have been expended.

By fewyn on 08/13/2010 at 11:02 PM"

Cataclysm Beta (Build 12759) New Rank of Riding (310%)!

Cataclysm Beta (Build 12759) New Rank of Riding (310%)!: "In the latest beta build Blizzard has introduced a new rank of flying, which was originally mentioned in a #BlizzChat back in April. At level 80, a player is allowed to purchase Master Riding for a hefty price of (discounted by reputation by appropriate vendors) which will allow you to fly any mount at 310%. To purchase this you will need to visit any riding trainer that teaches flying, such as in Stormwind for the Alliance or in Orgrimmar for the Horde. I would assume that your 310% mounts will still go 310% without the training skill, but this will allow players to bust out some more preferred mounts and enjoy the convenience of high speed and style!

Update! A lot of sites are reporting that 310% riding will be learned automatically if you have a 310% - which may or may not be true anymore. For clarification, here is the original blue post from back in May of this year, in which this feature was promised by a Blizzard poster:

I didn't know that they were making 310 flying trainable. If they are then this should also cost a LOT of gold, around 16k would be appropriate.
It certainly is happening, but it will only be purchasable by characters who are level 85. Players who already own a 310% mount will be 'gifted' the training, and it goes without saying that once the skill is learned all flying mounts will become 310% mounts. That's the current plan at least, and we don't plan on offering any further speed increases to these mounts.

This was posted in May of 2010 on the European Official WoW forums. Obviously things could have been changed since then, and judging by the current state of things in the Cataclysm Beta, maybe they have. As there has been no official, recent statement from Blizzard as to whether or not their plans have changed, we can only come to conclusions based on what is currently presented in the Cataclysm Beta:
  • Master Riding currently says it requires level 80, Blizzard originally proposed this to be for level 85 players.
  • My character already has multiple 310% speed mounts, however she does NOT know Master Riding - it is still offered as available to be trained. I haven't actually trained it, because I'm smart and transferred with 1k gold.
  • My character was not automatically granted it just for already owning a 310% as Blizzard originally proposed!

So maybe Blizzard decided that the compromise would just be to offer the training at a rather low cost (5k gold isn't very high considering how much easier it has gotten to earn gold in late Wrath of the Lich King) and at a lower level, allowing players who already have 310% mounts to buy it simply to be able to ride any mount they want at that speed (such as our old, unloved 280%s) and for players who don't own any 310% mounts to be given the opportunity? Or is it just bugged, since this is just the beta, after all?

While this cost may still be subject to change, now that we have an idea of how much it'll cost do you think it's worth it? Will you be purchasing it as soon as you can when Cataclysm drops or will you be waiting to get it later on if at all?

By Miyari on 08/13/2010 at 10:20 PM"

giovedì 5 agosto 2010

The battle for UnderCity

Probably the best (read: funny) quest in WoW.
You complete a chain in Dragonblight (The Red Dragonflight) and suddently a divx video takes the place of the game, like good old Warcdaft 3! Link to video
I have two advises for who is going to do this quest:
•never leave "the battle fot the undercity" quest and stone away. Actually that's what I've done and now I can't go back there anymore (should I get news from GMs I'll let you know).
•second advise is -Have fun!-

here we are: actually if you run to Undercity (in my case the portal from Stormwind wasn't working anymore) you will be fased right. I had to try twice (the first time there was no Broll to give me any quest) but it worked.