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4.0.1: New Flexible Raid Lockout System

4.0.1: New Flexible Raid Lockout System: "A while ago, Blizzard announced that they would be changing the way raid lockouts work so players would no longer be required to raid the same content multiple times a week to increase progression. After a long wait, Bashiok has announced the new Flexible Raid Lockout System that will be introduced with 4.0.1. At launch, it will only be available for Icecrown Citadel and The Ruby Sanctum In these dungeons, you will only have to kill each boss once on any difficulty level to count toward a completion of the instance. For example, you could kill the first 3 bosses in Icecrown one night on 10-player and then the next night get 25 people together and kill Deathbringer Saurfang and the rest of the bosses. To help coordinate what bosses you have killed there will be a new UI element that shows you what encounters you have already defeated along with a way for raid leaders to link in chat what they have defeated.

You can check out the full announcement and some more examples by Bashiok after the break.

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