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How To Find Cataclysm Instance Entrances

How To Find Cataclysm Instance Entrances: "The other night I stumbled upon the work of the talented regisfrost on Reddit, where he had posted an assortment of nicely made and extremely informative images that I guarantee will be of value to many players in preparation for the Cataclysm! He's given us permission to share with you guys this awesome collection, detailing locations of each of the new dungeons launching with Cataclysm.

Remember, come Cataclysm, you will not be able to queue for one of the new dungeons via the Dungeon Finder unless you have first discovered its entrance! Thankfully, Blizzard has assured us that the normal leveling path will lead you to discovering most of these dungeons without much effort, but there's definitely no such thing as too much information! Enjoy!

We've also put together a video showing easy paths you can take to reach each instance portal! :)

Check out all of the awesome images after the break!

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