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Elemental Invasion Phase 2 is Here!

Elemental Invasion Phase 2 is Here!: "Seems sometime this morning Blizzard flipped the switch and began Phase 2 of the Elemental Invasion! While helping the Earthen Ring fight against the elementals, you will find several new quests in both Ironforge and Orgrimmar.

Phase 2: November 8 - November ???

  • Tablets of the Earth / Tablets of Fire
    Go to the harbor / zeppelin tower and talk to the quest NPC there. A short event will begin, where you - imbued with the powers of the Tablets - need to use your new abilities to fight various elemental attackers off. Remember, use water to counter fire, air to counter earth, and fire to counter water. After the event is over loot the tablets and turn the quest in.
  • Subduing the Elements / Subduing the Elements
    Open the Earthen Ring Supplies and loot Elemental Sapta & Cleansing Totem. Drinking the Septa will allow you to see the spirits, and using the totem near them will subdue them. You can find the Agitated Earth / Fire Spirits all over Ironforge and Orgrimmar.

You can check out all the info on this event in our Cataclysm Guide!

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