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Sahil's Alliance Gold Making Guide (Tips/Tricks/Hint's and Rundowns)

Sahil's Alliance Gold Making Guide (Tips/Tricks/Hint's and Rundowns): "

Copyright Sahil Tandon (Sufisticated) This guide is NOT to be re-uploaded without my permission!


Alright in this guide that i have spent time creating i will give you my offical secret tips/tricks and tactics. Some of these tips could even be helpful. I will provide information on professions zones etc.

So lets get started. First thing's first.


I think it's safe to say that the Auction House is our best friend. Everyday hundreds of thousands of transactions are being made via the AH. A report that over 955,000 G is being traded each day via the AH (Across all realms). But enough of that lets get started.

A Tactic for the Auction House for you to remember is that BEFORE you sell search whatever your selling..then sell it cheaper.

EXAMPLE: Im selling a stack of copper bars for 10G. Someone else is selling it for 9G 50S. What do you do? Sell your stack for 9G 48S! Make it cheaper than other peoples auctions. Then they'll come and buy your stuff!


My point exactly. Professions are..arghhhh how to explain? They give so much gold.

EXAMPLE: The cooking profession makes lot's of gold. Reason being? Warriors are always exploring, fighting mobs. But alas they can't heal! Thats when cooking kicks in. These warriors (like myself) are always on the go. They'll play anything for a good stack of food on the AH. However i STRONGLY reccomend you take up Alchemy instead of cooking.


These are MY thoughts and tips on the professions that make the most amount of gold...too bad you can only select two

ALCHEMY: Create potions to increase stats and skills. Tanks need it. They'll pretty much pay anything if it's on the auction house. Whats more to be said?

HERBALISTS: Gathering herbs may seem boring. But it is a strong component required for people who do alchemy. They need it to train..increase there skills and most of all...Create potions! If its on the AH its on a roll for gold.

MINING: Probably the godfather of gold making professions. Mining makes the most gold and is ALWAYS sold on the AH for a HUGE PRICE. I remember my lvl 15 had 300g because we had stacks of tin and silver bars and sold it to the AH. And blacksmiths also need people to mine bars!

SKINNING: Ahh nothing like grabbing a knife..peeling the skin from a beast..and selling it to the AH. But why? Leatherworks need it. They create bags and turbans and wigs!! God knows what else they make but they'll pay great!

INSTANCES: Using the Dungon Finder and going through instances is quite rewarding. You can get epic hear and lots of gold. This is highly reccomended.



As you were reading this guide you SHOULD have made Mining your major profession. It is IMPORTANT and one of the best ways for gold making as mentioned earlier. Below are overviews for good mining hotspots (Sorry Alliance only! Were working on the Horde)

Westfall: Great place for miners who are interested it Copper Ore! And down on the beach-side if your lucky you may find traces of SILVER ORE. Tin ore can also be found in Westfall normally in the areas containing mountains aswell as the Dead-mines.

Duskwood. Once again Duskwood is a westfall clone just with more chance with Copper and Less chance with tin. Also contains SILVER ore.

Redridge Mountains: If it contains mountains then it contains tin! What more's to be said?

Arathi Highlands: Yadda Yadda Yadda...Blah blah blah...Arathi is rich in Silver ore/Tin ore.

Stranglethorn Vale: Rich in Gold and basically contains a lot of Mithral and silver and a lot of RARE ore!

Now I have NOT added all the mining hotspots but you should have a feel on mining locations. And this is a MUST!! MUST!!! MUST!!!!!! website that you should view as it helps you...A LOT!


Thank you for reading my gold guide with my tips. Hope you learnt something. Comment please give feedback. More guides up soon.


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