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Cataclysm Beta (Build 12857): New Glyph UI + Eclipse Bar Redesign

Cataclysm Beta (Build 12857): New Glyph UI + Eclipse Bar Redesign: "You may have remembered hearing that Glyphs were changing from consumable items to learnable skills. Last build we saw the makings of that—now, when you use a glyph, it goes into your general tab of the spellbook, ready to be used whenever you want to place it. Well in this latest build Blizzard has taken it a step futher and given the glyphs tab of your talent frame a complete makeover!

First off they've vastly increased the size of the frame—it's now the same size as the talent frame. You now have NINE glyphs to select: 3 Prime, 3 Major, and 3 Minor. On the right side of the panel you will have a list of all learned and unlearned glyphs. Blizzard was also kind enough to add some advanced glyph searching! No need to scroll down the list forever trying to find that one pesky glyph to switch in.


Update: Ghostcrawler has made a post on glyphs in Cataclysm that is well worth the read!

Some of those glyphs don't look correct. Colossus Smash is a major. Hamstring doesn't do that anymore. Shield Wall provides 60% damage reduction but on a longer cooldown. That's just off the top of my head.

Prime glyphs aren't going to be exciting in a "change up your rotation" style. We want primes to be unambiguous dps (etc.) increases so we figured they might as well be easy to understand rather than something so convoluted that everyone would just go to a fansite to see which 3 to pick.

The majors are more interesting, because they are either not dps increases at all, or dps increases in ways that are tricky to math out. We think players will debate and geek out more about which majors to use, and with the new glyph design, swapping them out once in awhile isn't very painful.

Minors are basically convenience or fun.

We don't want glyphs to change rotations. We feel that was a mistake in LK. Talents should affect your rotations, and glyphs should just provide a little bit of customization and power. We fixed some class problems with glyphs in LK, which was an easy solution to do at the time, but now is the time to undo all of that and let the classes stand on their own without the glyphs.

The Eclipse Bar used by Balance Druids has also received a (much needed in my opinion) makeover. It now lights up up when you hit an eclipse so you know when to switch sides. You can check out the screenshots of it in action below!


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