giovedì 16 settembre 2010

Cataclysm Changes to Badge/Emblem System

Cataclysm Changes to Badge/Emblem System: "Bashiok just posted a very interesting announcement!

It seems in the upcoming 4.0.1 patch (which is currently on the PTR), all old PvE and PvP tokens will be converted to a new currency system. Badges like Emblem of Frost and Emblem of Triumph will be converted into Justice Points, and all PvE gear that had badge costs will be converted to the new Justice Points system.

On the PvP side, Arena Season 8 will end with 4.0—all Arena, Honor, any leftover Battleground marks, Stone Keeper's Shard and any other PvP tokens will be converted into the new version of Honor Points. Any items that were sold for any of the old PvP points/tokens will also be converted to the Honor Points system.

Both Justice Points and Honor Points will have a soft cap—you can go over the cap on the original conversion, but at a later point in time a hard cap will be introduced in a content patch. Any excess points after the hard cap is introduced will be converted to gold, which will be received via the mail system.

You can read the original post by Bashiok after the break!

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