martedì 31 agosto 2010

Fingers' taps in bg

I recently hit 80 with my 1st Ally.
Well, Gloome is not exactly my 1st Ally, but she's the first one I hit 80 with.
I'm overall a pvper, so the first thing I did was joining a random battleground. We won it! It was pretty cool to start like that, overall because in the battlegroup I am with my Horde chars, people are always too busy talking about how much stronger the allys are, to achieve some victories.
Actually the bgs I do with my friends (not really pre-mades, just a few of us focused on winning) are the only ones I fell confident in.
With my new Ally spriest 80, instead, I won the first five or six bgs I joined. Untill...
Untill There were someone complaining about how much stronger Horde is in pvp, and shouting offenses instead of orders. Guess what? We lost.
So I'd like to tell these people, waisting their fingers'taps on offences instead of spells, that if they always lose, it's their fault, ecause they are not doing their job, so just shut up and focus.
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