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Cataclysm Beta (Build 12759) UI Changes!

Cataclysm Beta (Build 12759) UI Changes!: "A new beta build has just been deployed on the beta realms and with it came some excellent changes to the UI that I think everyone will enjoy.

First off Mounts and Companion Pets have moved out of the character pane and into their own tabs in the spell book. This allows a player to easily browse through the pages looking for the right mount or pets to add to your bars instead of guessing if that's the right icon for your Onyx Netherwing Drake.

There was one other things that got a much needed overhaul was the Video Settings window. Now all the sliders have been removed and turned into drop downs, this way you no longer have to guess what each section of the sliding bar. All settings have different options ranging from the standard fare of Low, Fair, Good, High and Ultra to simple Enabled or Disabled options.

Another small addition is you're now able to "learn" Glyphs and they show up in your general tab of your spellbook. You will automatically learn a glyph upon purchasing and using the glyph item. Now, whenever you want to change glyphs you will no longer have to run out and buy new ones and can just apply them directly from the spellbook.

Blizzard also added a tweak for the new streaming client that was launched last week, a little gauge was added below the mini-map that tells you if you're still downloading data if you decided to play before the game was fully downloaded.

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Holy Power Gauge

Blizzard also updated the UI for the Paladin's new Holy Power system. The unit frame now features a gauge below the health / mana bars that lights up runes for each charge of Holy Power that the paladin has. When the Holy Power has reached its maximum (3), the meter will glow until charges have been expended.

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