giovedì 5 agosto 2010

The battle for UnderCity

Probably the best (read: funny) quest in WoW.
You complete a chain in Dragonblight (The Red Dragonflight) and suddently a divx video takes the place of the game, like good old Warcdaft 3! Link to video
I have two advises for who is going to do this quest:
•never leave "the battle fot the undercity" quest and stone away. Actually that's what I've done and now I can't go back there anymore (should I get news from GMs I'll let you know).
•second advise is -Have fun!-

here we are: actually if you run to Undercity (in my case the portal from Stormwind wasn't working anymore) you will be fased right. I had to try twice (the first time there was no Broll to give me any quest) but it worked.

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