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Cataclysm: New Guild UI

Cataclysm: New Guild UI: "In the recent Cataclysm beta build the new Guild UI has been partially enabled. The new Guild UI is only available by typing /groster currently, but presumably will have it's own menu option in the future.

Inside you'll start off with the revamped roster list. Several new panels have been added to the roster, with the default panel displaying level, class, name and last zone the player was in. A little drop down at the top will let you switch to the other two panels: Guild Status and Professions. The Guild Status panel is pretty much exactly the same as the one we currently see in-game. The real nice part about the new roster is the addition of the all-new Professions panel! The list allows you to see who has what profession, and then open up a second window to see all the patterns you have within the guild, and to view who has them.

Check out an extensive visual tour of the new Guild UI after the break! Also, be sure to check out our recent Guild Perks blog for a full rundown of all the interesting new benefits you can earn by being in a guild!

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